About Pricepin

We are a young team of designers and developers, but we also are fanatic online shoppers! Building beautiful products is what we love to do and we also love buying beautiful things. One thing we do not like is to miss out on a good deal. That’s why we created Pricepin.

Almost every consumer product drops in price over time. But it takes a lot of time and effort to keep track of the available discounts. Pricepin allows you to ‘pin’ a product from virtually any webshop, after which the price of the product will be monitored daily. You get notified as soon as prices change. In addition to receiving notifications on price changes, you can also see how prices develop in real-time graphs.

Online retailers are constantly experimenting with their prices. We want to add knowledge to the decision making process of consumers because we believe in transparency.

By providing insight into price changes of online retailers, the users of Pricepin become smarter shoppers. Missing a discount will be a thing of the past and we are happy with that.