Privacy statement

Ok, let's keep this simple.

Your personal information:

  • As we save as little personal information as possible, your privacy is warranted by default.
  • We will not use your social media account for posting on your wall.
  • We use Google Analytics to track the usage of this system, not on a personal level but we learn a lot by analyzing the way our users use this tool.
  • We use to get user insights, to learn the way our users use this tool and offer them help.
  • We do not actively monitor your pins without a good reason: we do monitor websites pins are made on.
  • If someone else adds your pin too: that user will be able to see the price information your pin collected.

The extensions:

  • The extension is a computer program that extends the functionality of a web browser in some way. In this case it is a small program that you see in a overlay on the website you’re on.
  • The extension uses the website's cookie to keep you logged in. You can remove these by clearing your browser cache.

The Apps:

  • Using either Android or iOS app requires an account, this can be created in the first screen when starting the app.
  • Your pins are stored on the server, not locally on your device.
  • It's possible to view your pins on the browser too!

The monitor software on the server:

  • Our server indexes the webshop-page you pinned a price on with a regular interval. For now that is once a day, this however may vary in the future.
  • Our server does not contact your bookmarklet, browser or computer automatically.

We are allowed to change these conditions, however we will inform you in time and give you the opportunity to delete your account.