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Why has my pricepin plugin stopped working?

Due to additional security features added to several webshops, we could not support the bookmarklet anymore. This is why our amazing technical team worked day and night to create browser extensions. You can download the Chrome extension, Firefox extension and the Safari extension. The Edge extension is still under construction.

What is an extension?

A browser extension is a computer program that extends the functionality of a web browser in some way. In this case it is a small program that you see in a overlay on the website you’re on. It can determine what price the product is you’re looking at. After that it will save the price and the product to your own Pricepin page.

I can’t find the extension in my toolbar.

It can be possible that the Pricepin extension is not enabled for some reason. Check your extensions to see if the box next to the Pricepin extension is checked (enabled).

  • In the top right, click the Chrome Menu
  • Go to More Tools and click on Extension
  • Check if the Pricepin extension is enabled
  • In the top right, click the Firefox Menu
  • Click on Add-ons
  • Check if the Pricepin extension is enabled
  • Choose Preferences from the Safari menu, then click Extensions
  • Select the Pricepin extension from the list
  • Check if the Pricepin extension is enabled
If it still doesn’t show up, try reinstalling it by deleting it on the extension page and installing it again on

Does this work on mobile devices?

Yes! With the Android app or iOS app you can pin prices in any webshop in the mobile browser or mobile apps. Just use the share button that is build in your operating system and the product will be added to your list.

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